Charlie Dickens


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I am a Computer Science PhD student at the University of Warwick supervised by Graham Cormode. Until the end of September 2018, I was based at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. My research interests are in randomised algorithms for large-scale data analysis, particularly for fundamental matrix computations. Prior to joining the CS department at Warwick I completed my MSci in Mathematics at the University of Birmingham.

In August and September 2018 I was a visiting graduate student at the Simons Institute for the Foundations of Data Science program. Prior to that I was an Enrichment Year Student at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science during which I studied how large-scale regression problems can be solved more quickly using sparse random projections (currently under submission).

This summer I will be joining the Machine Learning group at Amazon Cambridge for an internship. We will explore how to employ data sketching for more scalable algorithms.

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